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2014 United Way of Oconee County “Day of Action” Upcoming in June

Day of Action flyer2014

(Walhalla, SC)——————————The 2014 United Way of Oconee County “Day of Action” is upcoming in a few weeks and the United Way is looking for volunteers to contribute.

The “Day of Action” will be held on Friday, June 20th from 8:30am until 2pm and provides a chance for those in the community to reach out and help others.

During this time, volunteers are being asked to help repaint the three Born-Learning Trails, pick up litter from Shiloh Road to Clemson Boulevard and spruce up the United Way building at 409 East North 1st Street in Seneca.

Also, diapers will be collected for a Diaper Drive and hygiene products will be collected as well.

For more information, you are asked to call Kimberly Ellis at 864-882-9743 and then dial extension 101.

Oconee County Sheriff’s Office Arrests Salem Teen on Drug and Weapons Charges

Kenneth Harold Miller, Jr.

Kenneth Harold Miller, Jr.

Miller - Drugs Seized

Miller - Hand Gun Seized

By: Jimmy Watt
Public Information Officer

(Walhalla, SC)———————————–The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Salem teenager Thursday morning on drug and weapons charges after deputies responded to reports of a suspicious vehicle.

18 year old Kenneth Harold Miller, Jr. of 160 Douglas Crowe Road was booked into the Oconee County Detention Center around 6:52am and has been charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, possession of and trafficking in methamphetamine, and unlawful carrying of a pistol.

Deputies were dispatched to Botany Lane in Walhalla around 4:58am yesterday morning and encountered two individuals who told deputies that they were having vehicle trouble. According to the incident report, the subjects appeared to be nervous. Miller told the deputy, upon a search for weapons, that he had a firearm in his left boot, which the deputy removed.

Deputies discovered that Miller had a large sum of money rubber banded to his wallet. Miller also informed deputies that there two additional weapons in the truck that was on scene. All the weapon numbers that the deputies ran came back clear.

Deputies asked Miller if he threw any objects into the woods and he replied no. Miller then changed his story and told deputies that he did throw an object in the woods at the same time that one of the deputies discovered a package, which was a black toiletry bag.

Deputies discovered inside the bag a jelly jar which contained about 4.75 ounces of a substance believed to be methamphetamine, plus a clear bag which contained about 20 grams of a substance believed to be marijuana and other drug paraphernalia. The amount of cash seized by deputies was around $1,722.

Miller was then transported to the Detention Center and is still being held at this time on a combined surety bond amount of $60,000.

Oconee County Sheriff’s Office Arrests Seneca Woman on Grand Larceny Charges

Christy Ashtin Worley

Christy Ashtin Worley

By: Jimmy Watt
Public Information Officer

(Walhalla, SC)———————————–The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Seneca woman yesterday afternoon on Grand Larceny charges

26 year old Christy Ashtin Worley of 101 O’ Henry Lane was booked into the Oconee County Detention Center around 4:56pm.

Warrants accuse Worley of stealing on Wednesday a 2008 Maroon 4-door GMC Sierra with a black in color Tontico bed cover which was valued at around $17,000. The stealing of the truck occurred at a location on Meldau Road in Seneca, which is right across the road from O’Henry Lane.

Deputies responded Wednesday morning to the Meldau Road location in regards to the stolen truck. The complainant told the deputy that his wife heard a noise that woke her around 3am Wednesday morning. The complainant told deputies that he found the truck gone around 6am.

During the course of the investigation, information obtained by investigators led them to the O’Henry Lane location, where Worley was arrested and taken the Detention Center.

Worley also had outstanding magistrate’s bench warrants from May 14th of this year on charges of driving under the influence – 1st offense and transporting alcohol in a motor vehicle with the seal broken.

Oconee County Sheriff’s Office Arrests Pee Dee Area Men on Stolen Goods Charges

Buick Century Car

James Thomas Coulter

James Thomas Coulter

Larry Alan Coulter

Larry Alan Coulter

(Walhalla, SC)—————————–The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office arrested two Pee Dee area men yesterday on possession of a stolen vehicle charges in regards to a vehicle reported stolen from Horry County.

James Thomas Coulter of 2411 Luck Road in Galivants Ferry, South Carolina and Larry Alan Coulter of 406 14 Avenue South in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina were booked into the Oconee County Detention Center yesterday. Both are 32 years old and are twin brothers. According to outstanding bench warrants, the Coulter brothers lived at one time at an address on Susie Circle in Walhalla.

Deputies were dispatched around 2:18pm on Memorial Day due to a report of a suspicious vehicle at a location on Ridge Road near Whitewater Falls Road in Salem. The vehicle was reportedly silver in color and was backed up in the woods off of Ridge Road.

The deputies found the Coulter brothers inside the vehicle once they arrived on scene and one of the deputies ran Larry Coulter’s license along with the license plate of the vehicle. Dispatch informed the deputy that the vehicle was reported stolen out of Horry County, which was also confirmed with authorities there.

Larry Coulter advised deputies that he borrowed the vehicle from his roommate and had advised his roommate that he was coming to Oconee County for the weekend. He also said he was supposed to have the vehicle back today but said he would return it tomorrow since Monday was Memorial Day.

James Coulter advised deputies that he does not live with his brother and that his brother picked him up several days ago for vacation. The brothers stated to deputies that they had come to Oconee County and were staying with an individual who lives on Ridge Road. Deputies spoke with that person, who told them that the Coulter brothers came to his residence and asked to stay for a couple of days.

One of the deputies spoke with the victim of the stolen vehicle by phone. According to the incident report, the victim told the deputy that the Coulter brothers held him at knife point, tied him up, and took the vehicle and all the money he had on him. He told the deputy that he filed a report in Horry County.

The Oconee County deputies placed the Coulter brothers under arrest for possessing and receiving stolen goods. The vehicle was towed and both brothers were transported to the Oconee County Detention Center. Upon arriving at the Detention Center, deputies were advised that Horry County wished to place a hold on both brothers and that, according to the incident report, warrants had been obtained there on charges of kidnapping, armed robbery, grand larceny and use of a weapon during commission of a violent crime. It was also determined that both Coulter brothers had outstanding bench warrants in Oconee County on charges of trespassing and petit larceny. Those bench warrants are from January of 2012 in regards to convictions in court on the charges back on August 8th, 2011.

The Oconee County warrants for possession of a stolen vehicle state that both Coulter Brothers possessed a 2002 Buick Century without the authority to do so and both did know that the vehicle was stolen. The vehicle itself was reported stolen last Friday, May 23rd.

Several Memorial Day Events Taking Place This Weekend in Oconee County

War Memorial at the Courthouse in Walhalla.

War Memorial at the Courthouse in Walhalla.

Press Release Courtesy Of Janice Matheson
Assistant Veterans Affairs Director – Oconee County

(Walhalla, SC)—————————Walhalla American Legion Post #124 will begin the 2014 Memorial Day weekend commemoration with its Post Everlasting Ceremony on Sunday, the 25th at 2pm at the Walhalla High School Cafeteria. Legion spokesman Jerry Dyar said, “Our post has lost 13 members, an unprecedented number, since last Memorial Day. Due to the small size of our post home, the high school has graciously made its cafeteria available to us for this special event. We will be inviting family members of the 13 great legionaires we have lost this past year as we pay tribute to their loved ones”. Dyar said the ceremony, which will feature a special presentation by the Junior ROTC cadets at Walhalla High School will also acknowledge the service of all 13 deceased legion post members. The public is invited to this meaningful ceremony—Sunday, May 25th, 2pm at the Walhalla High School Cafeteria.

On Monday morning at 10 am, the Westminster Boys Scouts and Sandifer Funeral Home will unveil a new memorial plaque in the Westminster Veterans Park at the intersection of highways 183 and 123. In particular, the plaque will honor World War II veterans. County VA Director Jerry Dyar will participate in the ceremony. A moment of silence will be offered followed by a rifle tribute and the sounding of taps from the Walhalla American Legion Honor Guard to conclude the occasion.

A couple of hours later at 12 noon, the official 2014 Oconee County Memorial Day Ceremony will be held in the comfort of the Walhalla Civic Auditorium in the heart of the county seat. Oconee County Veterans Council chairman Tom Carroll said, “It is our duty and honor to pay tribute to the 210 Oconee County heroes who names are inscribed on our War Memorial standing at the courthouse on Walhalla’s main street. We hope the Civic Auditorium will
be filled to capacity and more for the noon-time ceremony. This event will be further be highlighted as two students from Oconee County Middle and High

Schools read award winning essays they have written on the topic of “What Memorial Day Means To Me”. Family members of the fallen heroes from WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Panama, and the Gulf Wars will also be recognized. The ceremony will conclude with a moment of silence to honor our war casualties followed by a rifle salute and taps from the Seneca American Legion Post Honor Guard. Again, it is stressed that the public is especially welcome at all Memorial Day weekend events

Fish Fry to be Held Next Friday to Benefit Oak Grove School Renovation

Scan from Oconee SO CID

By: Jimmy Watt
Public Information Officer

(Walhalla, SC)————————————–The Oconee Soil and Conservation District will be hosting a Fish Fry next Friday, May 30th with proceeds to benefit the Oak Grove School Renovation.

The Fish Fry will be held at the Oak Grove 4-H Barn on Oak Grove Road from 4pm-7pm and tickets are available for $10. You are encouraged to call the Oconee Soil and Water Conservation District at 864-638-2213, extension 3 for tickets and/or more information or stop by their offices at the intersection of South Church Street and South Broad Street in the Oconee County Agricultural Building in Walhalla.

Fried Fish, Hushpuppies, French Fries, and Coleslaw along with Tea or Water will be served.

Oak Grove School is owned by the Oconee Soil and Water Conservation District and will be renovated for use as an Agricultural and Natural Resource Environmental Center and will serve as an educational facility and handicap accessible meeting hall for agricultural associations.

Oconee County Sheriff’s Office Arrests Seneca Woman on Drug and Weapons Charges

Jennifer Marie Harbin

Jennifer Marie Harbin

By: Jimmy Watt
Public Information Officer

(Walhalla, SC)———————————–The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Seneca woman Tuesday morning on drug and weapons charges.

36 year old Jennifer Marie Harbin of 201 Hughes Street, Apt. 1was booked into the Oconee County Detention Center around 9:36pm.

Deputies received a call around 8:45am about an intoxicated driver in a red Chevrolet Silverado who reportedly ran into a ditch and came back on the roadway and eventually pulled into the parking lot of the Bountyland Quik Stop in the Bountyland Community on Blue Ridge Boulevard.

Two deputies got out with the driver, Harbin, and spoke with her to check on her well-being. Deputies report that she appeared to be under influence due to slurred speech and the inability to stand and perform basic tasks. Deputies asked Harbin if she had anything illegal in the vehicle and she replied that she did not have any alcohol or any weapons on her person or in the vehicle.

Deputies then performed a Terry Frisk to check from weapons and removed a pocket knife from her person. Deputies also discovered a bulge in her front left pants pocket. Harbin voluntarily removed two vials from her front left pants pocket, one of which contained heroin and the other which contained crack cocaine.

Deputies placed Harbin into custody for possession of a controlled substance. During the inventory of the vehicle, deputies discovered a handgun that was not properly stored. Deputies discovered the weapon in the floorboard right behind the center console armrest. Deputies transported Harbin to the Oconee County Detention Center.

Warrants allege that Harbin possessed a quantity of heroin and a quantity of crack cocaine. Harbin is also accused, according to warrants, of unlawfully carrying a hand gun and “not being authorized to do so.”

Harbin was released from the Oconee County Detention Center yesterday on a combined $30,682.50 personal recognizance bond.

Billboard Highlights Unsolved Disappearance of Sheila Ann Carver



By: Jimmy Watt
Public Information Officer

(Walhalla, SC)———————————–One year ago last Friday, May 16th; the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office began to issue a series of press releases which focused on nine unsolved cases that the Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate. The first case highlighted was the 1998 disappearance from Seneca and the Utica Mill Hill area of Sheila Ann Carver. Just recently, a new billboard has appeared in the Bountyland Community of Oconee County asking for information into the whereabouts of Ms. Carver.

On June 20th, 1998, almost 16 years ago, Ms. Carver was reported missing by her father. One of the investigators who worked on the case in the past is current Oconee County Sheriff Mike Crenshaw. The remains of Ms. Carver have never been recovered, so she is officially considered missing, however, investigators believe she is more than likely deceased and that foul play was involved in his death.

According to investigators, Ms. Carver, who was 33 years old at the time, was last seen on June 16th, 1998 near B & B Trailer Park in the Utica Mill Hill in Seneca where she lived with her boyfriend. She reportedly left the trailer park after midnight with someone who later told investigators that she changed her mind and decided to return home. According to that individual, Ms. Carver got of a vehicle on Goodard Avenue near the Utica Mill Hill to walk back home. That was the last time she was seen.

In the initial press release of May 16th of last year, an anonymous reward of $10,000 was being offered for information leading to the recovery of the remains of Ms. Carver. The Sheriff’s Office issued a second press release on June 18th of last year regarding a second $10,000 anonymous reward.

The billboard features a picture of Ms. Carver and mentions the $20,000 in anonymous reward money and the reminder that information leading to the recovery of the remains of Ms. Carver and the individual that provides the information will remain anonymous. It also lists the number for Bert Carver, the father of Sheila, as well as the number for the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff’s Crenshaw name as contact information.

According to Sheriff Crenshaw, “I had considered finding a retired law enforcement officer to take a look at these cases on a part-time basis but have decided that in order to give them the attention they deserve; we need someone working on them full-time. I have assigned Corporal Scott McCreary to begin a process of taking one case at a time to determine what else can be done in an attempt to solve these cases. He has not worked on any of these cases previously which will be a benefit because he brings a new set of eyes to objectively review the case. Mr. and Mrs. Carver deserve to know the whereabouts of their daughter so that they can give her a proper burial. I ask anyone with information to call the Sheriff’s Office.”

Oconee County Sheriff’s Office Arrests Georgia Woman on Drug Charges

Arabia Machen

Arabia Machen

By: Jimmy Watt
Public Information Officer

(Walhalla, SC)———————————–The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office arrested an Atlanta Metro area woman Tuesday afternoon on drug charges after over 246 grams of marijuana was seized.

36 year old Arabia Machen of 518 Reserve Court in Decatur, Georgia was booked into the Oconee County Detention Center around 12:57pm on charges of Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute.

According to deputies, a traffic stop was conducted around 11:25am on Interstate I-85 northbound due to Machen following too close to a vehicle in front of her. A deputy pulled Machen over at exit 4, which is the Fair Play/Seneca exit. Machen was the only occupant of the vehicle.

According to deputies, Machen appeared nervous and wanted to step out of the vehicle. As the deputy approached the vehicle, he first asked Machen to remain inside and reported an overwhelming odor of air freshener coming from the vehicle. Once at the vehicle, the deputy asked Machen to then step outside. Machen told the deputy that she was going Johnsonville, TN from Atlanta and continued to be nervous in front of the deputy.

The deputy issued a traffic warning ticket as a K-9 officer approached the scene. The K-9 officer deployed his dog and conducted a free air sniff of the vehicle and the dog detected the presence of narcotics coming from the vehicle.

Machen told the deputy that she had a small amount of marijuana in the vehicle. A search of the trunk area revealed a picnic basket which contained two heat sealed plastic bags which were wrapped in several other plastic bags. The deputies confirmed that the contents of the plastic bags were marijuana and Machen was arrested and transported to the Oconee County Detention Center.

According to warrants, Machen possessed almost nine ounces of marijuana in two separate plastic containers in her vehicle.

Oconee County Sheriff’s Office Arrests West Union Man for Disseminating Obscene Material

James Andrew Massey

James Andrew Massey

By: Jimmy Watt
Public Information Officer

(Walhalla, SC)———————————–The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office arrested a West Union man yesterday on charges of disseminating obscene material to a 13 year old female.

25 year old James Andrew Massey of 207 Lee Lane in West Union was booked into the Oconee County Detention Center around 2:49pm.

An investigator with the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office spoke with a woman, the mother of the female juvenile, back on March 2nd in regards to an incident involving her daughter. During the course of the investigation and interviews that were conducted, it was determined, according to warrants, that Massey had sent an obscene picture of himself to the female juvenile on February 23rd via a text message.

As of this time, Massey is awaiting a bond hearing this afternoon at the Oconee County Detention Center.