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The purpose of this position is to enforce all local, federal and state laws relating to public safety and welfare; to perform general police work, responding to calls for service; to participate in special unit operations and activities as assigned, and to perform related work as required. 



The purpose of this position is to provide safety and security to staff, inmates, and the facility, to provide care custody and control of the inmates, to provide supervision of inmate activities, and to perform related corrections and law enforcement duties.


The purpose of this position is to receive incoming emergency and non- emergency calls, and dispatch calls for law enforcement, fire, EMS, and other personnel and services in an accurate, timely, and professional manner.

Animal Control

The purpose of this position is to perform walk-through inspections of the shelter to ensure it stays clean and in order. This position also is to supply and supervise inmates and instruct them of cleaning the shelter. Answer phones to ensure that road officers are assigned to jobs. Send officers out on calls as needed.

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