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Inclusion: We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of all people. We commit to creating authentic relationships and aspire to recognize, understand, and value all aspects of diversity in our county.


Integrity: We do the right thing even in the most challenging situations. We hold ourselves and coworkers accountable to be honest, trustworthy, responsible, and ethical. Integrity is our moral compass against corruption.


Honor: We serve with honor and integrity through our actions, conduct, and job performance even at personal cost. We constantly strive toward ever-rising standards. We come to work each day with a positive attitude.


Fairness: We will be courteous, just, and impartial in all our interactions. We respect law and order and the individual. We will apply our knowledge and experience for the best advantage of all concerned. We will treat everyone with dignity and our decisions shall be made without personal favor.


Respect: We value each other, all citizens as well as different points of view regardless of race, gender, appearance, individual beliefs, or lifestyles.


Courage: We are courageous not just physically in the face of danger but also morally in our ability to make the right choice even when the decision is unpopular, or others cannot or will not act.

  • Extra Patrol Request
    The Sheriff’s Department is happy to place your home on our special property check list: while you are away! In order to do so, complete an online request by email To speed things along, please have the following information available at the time of your call. • The dates you will be gone. • Owner of the property with phone number and address. • Emergency contact person with phone number and address. • Alarm system and company if any. • Any lights that will be left on at the location. • Any vehicles that will be left at the location. • Any pets that will be at the location. • Anyone else who will be checking the property (name and vehicle info).
  • Starting Pay for Correctional Officer
    Uncertified Officer - $40,000 Certified Officer - $41,500 Certified with Experience - $41,500-$43,990
  • Starting Pay for Deputy Sheriff
    Uncertified Officer - $40,000 Certified Officer - $41,500 Certified with Experience - $41,500 - $43,990
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