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Oconee County Sheriff’s Office Announces Update to Intake Process at Oconee County Animal Shelter

(Walhalla, SC)--------------------------------------The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office has announced an update to the Intake process at the Oconee County Animal Shelter. The new program will be called Managed Intake.

“The goal and the purpose of the Managed Intake process is to offer to owners of pets, who are thinking of surrendering their animals to Animal Control, other alternatives in the hopes of decreasing the animal population inside the Animal Shelter, which will also help to reduce the likelihood of animals being euthanized if they are not adopted,” according to Lt. Tommy Crompton of the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office.

The Animal Shelter accepts animals that are surrendered by their owners upon completion of the Managed Intake process. When the owner has decided to surrender the animal, they will be advised of the intake process, which includes discussions regarding the reason for surrender, potential outcomes if the animal is surrendered, as well as other alternatives to surrender. The process can take place in person at the Animal Shelter, on the phone or by an Animal Shelter employee out in the field.

If the owner wishes to continue with the process, then an initial screening will take place, followed by the owner filling out an Owner Surrender Form that contains all pertinent information on the animal. The owner at that time, however, will not be required to initial or sign the form. The Owner Surrender form will not be signed until the animal is physically relinquished to the Animal Shelter.

Once all paperwork is completed and turned into an animal control officer, the intake coordinator will contact the owner and provide an appointment in at last two weeks from the initial screening date. During the two week time period, attempts will be made by the Oconee Humane Society and the animal owner to resolve any possible issues in an attempt to avert surrender.

After obtaining a photo and biography, the information will be turned over to the Oconee Humane Society for adoption or rescue program consideration, as well as to market and promote that information.

After the two week period, if no other resolution has been reached, then the owner will turn over physical possession of the animal to Animal Control, as well as completing, initiating and signing the Owner Surrender Form. The animal will be entered into the Pet Point database once Animal Control takes physical possession of the animal.

Animal Control reserves the right to waive the two week appointment period in cases where there is a safety issue involving the animal in regards to the public, the owner or the animal itself, after advisement from the Shelter Director or his/her designee.

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