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Oconee County Sheriff’s Office Executes Search Warrants in Mountain Rest Area

(Walhalla, SC)--------------------------------------The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office has executed two search warrants today, both related to the same investigation, in the Mountain Rest area.

The Sheriff’s Office executed one search warrant at an address on Bauknight Road and the other on Verner Mill Road.

“The search warrants are not related to any current death investigation in the area and there is no danger to the public,” according to Oconee County Sheriff Mike Crenshaw. “The execution of the search warrants is related to the search for evidence in an ongoing investigation. I have requested the forensics team from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division to respond due to the expertise they possess in the type of search involved.”

In order to preserve the integrity of the ongoing investigation, the Sheriff’s Office cannot provide any further details, at this time, in regards to the nature of the investigation nor any evidence that has been collected or evidence being searched for. Also, the Sheriff’s Office will not release the specific locations of where the search warrants are being executed in order, once again, to preserve the integrity of the ongoing investigation.

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