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Real Time Video Now Available for Callers to Oconee County 911 Center

(Walhalla, SC)-------------------------------------Taking advantage of technology that can provide information to Dispatchers in order to help First Responders stay safer, the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office is announcing use of a new program called “Prepared Live.”

“The new technology will allow Dispatchers to request location, live streaming video, pictures and saved video from callers,” says Oconee County Sheriff Mike Crenshaw. “The technology will not only aid in the preservation and gathering of evidence as it relates to a call for service or an incident, it will also allow dispatchers to relay real-time intelligence to First Responders who have been dispatched to those incidents and calls which can increase the safety and well-being for those who are responding.”

After dispatch receives a call for service, the dispatcher can send the caller a Prepared Live link via text. When the caller clicks on the link, the caller’s location and a livestream from the caller’s mobile device can be shared with the dispatcher. Callers can also text with the dispatcher, as well, in situations where it may not be safe for the caller to speak. The dispatcher can then provide first-hand information to better help responders with the caller’s location and what specifically is happening.

Callers do not have to download an app and the caller can decide what information is shared. Dispatchers will only seek permission when, in their discretion, they believe transmission of information and media will not endanger the caller or any bystanders.

When the incident is resolved, the technology is designed to prevent further transmission of the caller’s livestream or the caller’s present location. Upon such a resolution, the caller will be instructed to contact 911 if further assistance is needed.

Only media that the caller wishes to share with dispatch, through Prepared Live, is the only information that is shared. Dispatchers will not have access to a caller’s settings, private data, personal information or any other stored media.

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