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Oconee County Sheriff’s Office Releases Stats for 2023 Great Oconee Clean Up

(Walhalla, SC)-------------------------------------The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office is releasing statistics today for the recently completed 2023 Great Oconee Clean-up, which was held on Earth Day, Saturday morning, April 22nd.

According to official statistics complied, participants picked up litter on approximately 24 miles of roadways in Oconee County. Approximately 274 bags, containing 2,960 pounds of litter, were picked up during the event.

Six Non-profits groups, who participated in this year’s Clean-Up through the #OurOconee program, earned a combined $4,470.00 dollars. Non-profit groups can earn $250.00 for each mile of roadway that is cleaned from litter, through the program, during the year.

Between 2014 and 2022, the Sheriff’s Office Inmate Litter Crew has picked up approximately 351,305 pounds of litter, which is over 175 tons of litter. The Sheriff’s Office Inmate Litter Crew was implemented in 2014.

In 2022, approximately 3,685 pounds of litter was collected under Our Oconee Litter program.

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