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Sheila Ann Carver

Updated: Sep 3, 2020


Sheila Ann Carver was reported missing by her father on June 20th, 1998. The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate and look for clues in this unsolved case.

Oconee County Sheriff Mike Crenshaw was with the Sheriff’s Office at that time and he worked on the case in the past. He continues to meet with the family to update them on this disappearance as they and the Sheriff’s Office continue to look for answers. The Sheriff would also like to establish a cold case unit to work on all of these unsolved cases.

“One of my campaign goals was to establish a cold case unit,” according to Sheriff Crenshaw. “Oconee County has some unsolved missing person and homicide cases that I want solved and the offender(s) brought to justice. Over the next several weeks, we will be profiling each case in an attempt to generate new leads and hopefully allow someone with information on these cases to come forward. I also hope to recruit some retired law enforcement officers with a background in investigations to take a look at these case files in order to have a new set of eyes to review the evidence in each case. The Sheriff’s Office wants to bring some sense of closure to the victim’s families.”

“Sheila Carver is officially considered missing,” says the Sheriff. “Based on the facts of the investigation, we believe that Sheila is most likely deceased and that foul play was involved in her death. At this point and time, we are wanting to find Sheila’s body so that her mother and father can give her a proper burial and begin the grieving process. It is not normal for a parent to lose a child. One can only imagine the pain and suffering endured by this family not knowing where their daughter is located. They have suffered through this ordeal for the past 15 years.”

According to Oconee County investigators, Sheila, who was 33 years old at the time, was last seen on June 16th, 1998 near B & B Trailer Park near the Utica Community and the mill hill area near Seneca where she lived with her boyfriend.

According to investigator reports, she left the trailer park after midnight with someone who later told investigators that she changed her mind and decided to go home. That individual said that Sheila got out of the car on Goddard Avenue on the Utica mill hill to walk back to her home. That was the last time that Sheila was reportedly seen.

“I ask anyone that may have some information on Sheila’s whereabouts to contact the Sheriff’s Office,” according to Sheriff Crenshaw. “You can remain anonymous through Crimestoppers if you wish. A minimum reward of $10,000 is being offered with an additional reward of up to $2,000.00 through Crimestoppers . At this time, we only want to find this missing daughter and bring some closure to a suffering family.”

The numbers for Crimestoppers is 1-888-CRIME-SC or 638-STOP. You can also text in your tip to 274637. The number for the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office is 638-4111.

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding this case or any unsolved case is the perception that work does not continue on these cases after a certain period of time, which is untrue according to the Sheriff’s Office.

“All leads on any unsolved cases are followed up on and work does continue until those cases are solved,” says Captain Greg Reed of the Criminal Investigations Division.

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