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Oconee County Animal Control Investigating Dog Attack on Two Persons near Seneca

(Walhalla, SC)--------------------------------------Oconee County Animal Control and the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office are investigating a dog attack that occurred earlier today near Seneca in which one man and one woman suffered injuries.

The E-911/Communications Center received a call around 11:08am today from a woman who suffered injuries from being bitten by dogs on Burns Drive. While on the initial victim was on the phone with dispatch, a man was also attacked by the same dogs. The number of dogs involved in the attack was six dogs.

Animal Control Officers, paramedics, deputies from the Uniform Patrol Division and other first responders arrived on scene for treatment. The man who was attacked was transported to the hospital for further treatment.

The owner of the dogs was issued 19 citations, 12 on public nuisance charges and seven for rabies violations, including a rabies violation for one dog that was located inside the owner’s house while the attack occurred.

The owner of the dogs willingly signed the six dogs over to Animal Control Officers for owner requested euthanasia. Remains of the six dogs, after they are euthanized, will be transported to SCDHEC for rabies testing.

Oconee County Animal Control and the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office are continuing its investigation.

Due to the nature of the incident, and for personal and health safety and privacy reasons, the names of the victims in this incident will not be release, nor with the Sheriff’s Office release any patient condition information.

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