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Oconee County Sheriff’s Office Arrests Walhalla Man for Unlawful Weapons Possession Charge

Mark Anthony Smith

(Walhalla, SC)--------------------------------------A traffic stop Thursday afternoon near Walhalla, by a deputy from the Uniform Patrol Bureau, led to the arrest of a Walhalla man on an Unlawful Weapons Possession charge due to a previous domestic violence conviction.

51 year old Mark Anthony Smith, of Minnie McCall Road, was booked into the Oconee County Detention Center around 6:37pm. At this time, Smith remains in jail pending a bond hearing.

The traffic stop was due to a traffic violation and occurred on Rock Crusher Road near Adams Sullivan Road. The deputy made contact with the driver of the vehicle, identified as Smith. The vehicle was a white Ford Explorer.

Upon further investigation, the deputy was notified that a firearm, a Marlin .22 caliber rifle, was located inside of the vehicle. The firearm was loaded with ammunition in the chamber. The weapon was secured by the deputy and unloaded.

Dispatch advised the deputy that Smith was prohibited on the state and federal level from possessing a firearm.

Smith’s arrest was the second arrest by the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office this month on a charge related to possession of a firearm by an individual previously convicted of domestic violence.

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