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Oconee County Sheriff’s Office Honors and Recognizes Deputies and Detention Officers during May 2021

(From L - R: Captain Jeff Underwood, Cpl.

Andrew Marcengill and Lt. Vince Price

(From L - R: Captain Jeff Underwood, Cpl.

Chris Johnson and Lt. Vince Price

(From L - R: Captain Jeff Underwood, MPD's

Brandon Justice, Billy Lee, David Scelaf and

Brandon Collins and Lt. Vince Price

(From L - R: Captain Jeremy Chapman, Cpl.

Wayne Hill and Lt. Shadae Cobb

(Walhalla, SC)-------------------------------------The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office held a promotions ceremony on May 18th to honor and recognize Deputies and Detention Officers who received promotions.

The following deputies from the Uniform Patrol Division were recognized for promotions:

Master Patrol Deputy Chris Johnson – Promotion to Corporal – Delta Shift

Master Patrol Deputy Andrew Marcengill – Promotion to Corporal – Alpha Shift

All four Master Patrol Deputies were recognized: MPD Brandon Justice – Charlie Shift

MPD Brandon Collins – Bravo Shift

MPD Billy Lee – Delta Shift

MPD David Scelaf – Alpha Shift

The following Detention Center Officer was recognized for a promotion in the Detention Center:

Corrections Officer Wayne Hill- Promoted to Corporal on Bravo Shift

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