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OCSO Arrests Oconee County Teenager on Safecracking and Grand Larceny Charges

John Ehren Hattenstein

(Walhalla, SC)————————————–An 18 year old was taken into custody this morning on charges of Safecracking and Grand Larceny related to an ongoing property crimes investigation.

18 year old John Ehren Hattenstein, who has a listed address of Poplar Springs Road in Westminster, was booked into the Oconee County Detention Center around 10:14am this morning. Hattenstein was arrested on the campus of Walhalla High School, where he is a student, this morning by an Investigator from the Criminal Investigations Division and the School Resource Officer at Walhalla High School. Hattenstein was transported to jail by a deputy from the Warrants Bureau.

The Sheriff’s Office investigation began on October 24th of this year when a deputy from the Uniform Patrol Bureau who took a report of a property crime that occurred at an address on N Highway 11 in West Union. Upon further investigation, the homeowner and the deputy discovered a safe inside of the house had been broken into. Further investigation revealed that items had been taken from inside the house.

Based upon evidence that was gathered during the investigation, it was determined that Hattenstein has stolen, according to arrest warrants, multiple firearms, cash, silver bars and coins and jewelry from the residence. Hattenstein also broke into the safe of the victim, according to the arrest warrants. Hattenstein was not charged with burglary due to having previous residency since the house belonged to a family member.

The Investigator in the case confirms that no firearms were discovered this morning on Hattenstein’s person, after a search incident to arrest, on the campus of Walhalla High School. Also, no firearms were discovered in Hattenstein’s vehicle.

Hattenstein received a combined $90,000 surety bond today during his bond hearing. Hattenstein was released from jail today after posting bond. The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office is continuing its investigation.

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