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OCSO Arrests Seneca Man on Multiple Charges in Financial Crimes Investigation

Trevor Easter Bailey

(Walhalla, SC)-------------------------------------A financial crimes investigation by the Criminal Investigations Bureau has led to an arrest and multiple charges being filed against a Seneca man.

32 year old Trevor Bailey Easter, of Wild Rose Lane, has been charged with four counts each of Financial Identity Fraud and a Federally Chartered Financial Institution Crime, two counts of Financial Transaction Card Theft and one count of Petit Larceny and Financial Transaction Card Fraud.

Easter was booked into the Oconee County Detention Center around 5:08pm on Wednesday after a warrant service at the Wild Rose Lane address. Easter was served five arrest warrants on Thursday. Seven additional arrest warrants were obtained today.

Investigators had been receiving complaint of mail theft in the area of Coneross Creek Road near Seneca. Based on evidence that was gathered during the investigation, Investigators state that Easter would steal the victim’s mail and obtained information. Using this information, Investigators say that Easter would steal the victim’s identity and either create banking accounts or transfer money to accounts.

The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office is continuing its investigation. The Sheriff’s Office is asking that anyone who lives in the Coneross Creek Road area, and suspects that either their mail has been stolen or who may be the victim of a Financial Crime going back to September of 2021, to contact the Criminal Investigations Bureau at 864-718-1052.

According to arrest warrants, Easter is accused of stealing US Mail as well as stealing and attempting to use stolen banking cards, of using a money market account, a savings account and a checking account without authorization or permission of the victim’s and attempting to open a credit line in the victim’s name.

In four of the arrest warrants, Easter is accused on four separate occasions of executing a scheme to defraud a federally chartered financial institution by transferring money via an internet payment to another account in a total amount of approximately $4,407.83.

At this time, Easter remains in custody at the Oconee County Detention Center on a combined $152,125.00 surety bond. Investigators say that more charges are pending in this investigation.

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